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Confirmation Questions 11-24-13

Sunday’s sermon came from Luke 23:33-43. You can find the sermon here.

The Confirmation Students posed an interesting question on sermon notes.

-Why was the criminal mocking Jesus along with the other people.
Great question. On one hand, we could argue that the criminal mocking Jesus was making a proper request. “Save us,” but that’s not really the point.  It seems that the criminal in this Gospel (both of them in the other gospels) were too focused on the immediate situation to really know what they were asking for. To say “Jesus save yourself and us” reveals the selfish nature of the request. The criminal is asking to be saved from the immediate pain and suffering of crucifixion. In other words, he is trying to be saved from death and remain living.  What he doesn’t realize is that Jesus is, in fact, saving all of humanity in the eternal sense. We are able to join in the resurrection of the body that Jesus made possible through his own death and resurrection.  So in short, he’s trying to save his own skin, but that’s not what Jesus was accomplishing.