Be Reconciled 9-7-14

This sermon is based on Matthew 18:15-20. Jesus offers instructions on being reconciled when there is sin between believers.

You can listen to the sermon here:

You can also follow along with the text of the sermon here.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

I have always enjoyed history…there is just something exciting about visiting the past either through exploring historical facts, or hearing stories, or seeing different artifacts that connect us to the past. Because of this, I’ve often visited different museums and historical sites…something that my parents encouraged as I was growing up…and I can remember several different times when we would visit places of historical significance.

One instance that for whatever reason has always stuck with me was a visit to an old one room school house. Perhaps I feel a connection to this old style of school because my grandfather actually started in a local one-roomer…or perhaps I just like it because the notion is so foreign to me.

Regardless of that, something I saw in that little one roomer has stuck with me over the years…a poem written by a student, of what could only be described as a very…VERY small school.

When I am at school, there’s much I can say
However I think, it goes either way

I am the shortest, and I am the tallest
I am the biggest, and I am the smallest

No one is younger, and no one is older
No one is warmer, and no one is colder

I come in last place, and I come in first
I am the best student, and I am the worst

I like to follow and I like to lead
I am always the first and the last to read

However you look, I’m all you can be
For here in my school, its only just me[1]

I find it hard to imagine just what it would be like to be the only student in a school…not just in a class, because I’ve been there done that…but to be the only student in an entire school. As odd as it would be, one benefit would be the total lack of conflict…because it is very easy to get along with everyone…when you are alone.

But today’s gospel lesson presents a different sort of situation. Jesus describes a situation not only in which the hearer is with other people…but where conflict has arisen…and where individuals have sinned against one another. (pause)

Now, as hard as it may be for us to realize…it is certainly possible that individuals will fail…to get along with one another…I know…shocking right? But it is true. Put more than one person in a room…and it won’t be long before you have some sort of conflict…some sort of grievance…and things can quickly go sour.

That is precisely what Jesus expects will happen within the church…I’m guessing that Jesus had a pretty solid handle on the human condition…even among fellow believers…because he predicts coming issues…conflicts…sins against one another…what do you think? Was he accurate? (pause)

And so, in what may sound sorta familiar…possibly reminiscent of a procedure outlined in the church constitution…which is actually 100% accurate, because its in there…Jesus gives us a procedure to follow when dissension enters the community. (pause)

If your brother or sister sins against you…go and find them…point out their fault quietly between the two of you…and if they listen…REJOICE…for the two of you have been restored. Okay…well, what if they don’t listen to you?

In that case…take a couple extra people along with you…for with witnesses…surely your brother or sister will listen to reason…but…what if they don’t? Well, in that case, bring the matter before the entire assembly…get the whole congregation together and discuss it…and if they still won’t listen to you, then treat them as a Gentile or a tax collector. (pause)

Hmm. Is anyone else slightly weirded out by this passage? I’ll be honest, it strikes me as a little odd coming from Jesus…because we typically don’t hear this sort of thing from him…instructions for the assembly…for the church…its just not really his normal speed…and yet…here it is…and as I thought about this passage…I tried to be intentional about the intended meaning…about the truth behind what Jesus is talking about…and in the end…it really boils down to something pretty simple. (pause)

Has your brother or sister sinned against you? Okay…go find them and be reconciled. Go and make your peace with them…don’t let the bitterness or the bickering take over…go be reconciled. (pause)
And as I thought about that…I realized that it sounded familiar…sorta like something I’ve heard Jesus say before…and so I backtracked…Matthew chapter 5…we spent a lot of time here a few months back…looking in depth at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount…and in the midst of those teachings…Jesus says something very similar.

“When you offering your gift at the altar, if you remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother or sister, and then come and offer your gift.” (pause)
Sounds pretty similar right…and it should…because these two passages offer bookends to the very same theme of reconciliation within the community of faith…BUT…it is important to note that they come at it from opposite directions.

We hear today…if someone has sinned AGAINST YOU….go find them and be reconciled…and we hear in chapter 5 that if you realize that you have sinned AGAINST someone else…go find them and be reconciled…Does that seem odd? That Jesus would sorta contradict himself between these two different teachings on the same subject?

Maybe it seems like it should be up to one or the other…If you are the one who sinned, it should be up to you to make amends right? But that’s not what Jesus says…if we look at these two passages together, Jesus tells us, quite simply…if there is an issue between you and another…I don’t care who started it…YOU…go and be reconciled to your brother or sister…YOU…take the first step.

And by doing so…by offering reconciliation, we offer a word of grace between one another…and by doing so we mirror the love of God in Christ Jesus who offered us reconciliation with God. That’s the long and short of this passage today…if there is a grievance, be reconciled.

And we know that there will be grievances…even WITHIN…the body of Christ…and why? Well…take a look at the body of Christ…it involves…US…and we screw…up. Our selfish desires and thoughts eventually win out…and we harm one another. Jesus not only expected it…he helped us plan for it. (pause)

All that being said…there is a BUT…in this message…Even though Jesus himself models and instructs a way for us to be reconciled to one another…our flawed human tendency takes this wonderful olive branch and turns it into a weapon… (pause)

I have seen…first hand…more times than I care to think about…this very passage…intended for good…twisted and used to exclude…to condemn…to divide…and to harm one another. I have seen it between individuals…I have seen it between groups of people…I have seen it within congregations…I’ve witnessed communities of faith tear themselves apart with this passage…with good intentions…with intentions of pointing out someone’s error…but in the end…accomplishing nothing except judgmental damage.

Way to go humanity…take something that God intends for good…and use it for our own selfish judgments…but it happens doesn’t it? Perhaps you’ve seen it…perhaps you experienced it…and perhaps you’ve even unknowingly participated in it…because we’re flawed…and try as we might we harm one another. (pause)

But remember what Jesus said…both today and in the sermon on the mount…Be reconciled. (pause). And today…I plan to follow Jesus’ instructions. If you are individual who has ever felt excluded…or judged harshly…if someone has ever hurt you by using this passage as a weapon…on behalf of that individual or group…I’m sorry…please forgive this hurt. (pause)

And if you have ever felt isolated…pulled aside…excluded by a pastor…even if its me…I’m sorry…please forgive this hurt. (pause)

And if the church as a whole has ever made you feel unwelcome…like you aren’t good enough…if its made you feel judged…I’m sorry…please forgive this hurt. (pause)

And if perhaps, you find yourself today feeling convicted of having caused hurt in the past…allow me offer a word of grace…a word of forgiveness…for we have a God that willingly took the cross to overcome our hurts…to overcome our shortcomings…to atone for the sins that we don’t even realize that we are doing…and through it…God offers us reconciliation…he offers us grace for the times when our humanity stands up and does or says something stupid.

And it happens…it happens to all us…and it happens from all of us…but throughout this…receive God’s grace and offer it to one another…and remember that wherever two or three are gather in the name of Jesus…he is there also…(pause)

And while you think about that…remember this…that we are gathered…not under our own power or desire…but we are gathered by another and it is by Christ, in whose name we are gathered…and we call this the body of Christ…imperfect, full of flawed people…but bathed in the grace of God…and that is why we gather together as a church…to hear a word of grace…to receive God’s forgiveness…and to blessed through the forgiving presence of one another. (pause)

And in just a moment, before we join our voices together in song…and before we share in means of God’s grace through holy communion…I’m going to invite you to get up out of your seats…and I invite you to share the peace with one another…not just to shake hands and say good morning…for we’ve already done that today…but to offer a sign of God’s peace to one another…so that as Jesus instructs us…within the body…we may be reconciled…Amen

May the peace of the Lord be with you all (And also with you)
Let us share a sign of God’s peace with one another.


[1] I could not actually find the text of the poem that I read in my childhood, and so I wrote this short poem in order to catch the essence of the original.

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