Lenten Monologue-The Woman Who Suffered From Bleeding

Last night’s monologue was the character of the woman who suffered from bleeding for 12 years and was based on Luke 8:42b-48. It featured the question “Who touched me?”

This is the fifth and final in Underwood Lutheran’s series of Lenten worship services held on Wednesday evenings through the season. The overarching theme for Lent is the questions of Jesus. Each week we heard a reading by a different Biblical character who was questioned by Jesus in their encounter.

Like many that have come before me, and maybe that came after me, history does not remember my name. I am one of countless individuals who have lived and died, and for the most part, the story of my life has been lost to the ages. But history does remember one aspect of my life…one instance out of a lifetime of experiences…this one aspect which changed my life forever.
So much of my life was controlled and dictated by my circumstances. I was a Jewish woman…bound by the law. I lacked any rights, and though I was cared for my family, I was still considered something of an outcast for a long time.
You see, long ago a sickness attacked my body…and for reasons that I couldn’t understand, I developed sores that would not heal…sores that slowly oozed blood…and that affected me in many different ways.  First was the physical toll that it took on my body. The blood that I lost was never enough to kill me…so that wasn’t a concern…but it did weaken me…the human body is not made to lose blood constantly, and so over time, I grew weaker and weaker.
But the bleeding didn’t just affect me physically…as a Jewish person, I am bound to the law…the law given to Moses by God…and the law states that if a person is bleeding they are considered unclean…and in my culture, that posed serious problems. An unclean person was not supposed to be in settlements, and so I had to stay outside the town…sleeping in a tent. An unclean person cannot touch a clean person, or their uncleanness will pass on…and so whenever someone would approach me I had to speak to them in a loud voice, announcing that I am unclean so they could avoid me.
And so, here I was, suffering from some unexplained condition, unable to be in the shelter of a house, and unable to come into contact with other people, unless they took enough pity on me to approach me…this is bad enough for a short amount of time…and I hoped when this all started that it would not take long for my body to heal so that I could present myself to the priest at the temple and be declared clean once more…but that’s not what happened…days turned into weeks…and weeks became months…and soon months became years…12 long years I suffered…I was lonely and weak and isolated…12 long years.
During this time I did everything that I could do to try and get better. When my family members would come to bring me food, they would also bring me news of physicians in the area…I would ask them to inquire with the physicians…if they would be willing to try and help me…some would refuse, not wanting to be made unclean themselves…but others would take pity on me…and so I would come into the town…all the while announcing my uncleanliness so people could avoid me…other times I would have to travel to a nearby town…and I would do so…but travel made me even weaker…and try as I might…it never helped…the bleeding never stopped.
After a while, I accepted my fate…that the bleeding would never stop and that I would be sick for the rest of my life…but I never gave up hope…and day after day I would pray to God to take my sickness away from me…but for 12 long years I received no answer…and so I simply survived each day…hoping for a miracle…and trying my best to learn what was going on in the world that I was isolated from.
As time went on, I began to hear about a man, walking around the countryside…a man that some thought might just be the long awaited messiah…no one knew exactly what to make of him…some believed in him while others didn’t…but no one could explain away the miracles that it seemed he was performing. I heard rumors that he had turned water into wine…and that somehow he had managed to feed thousands of people with just a few loaves of bread and fish…but the thing that intrigued me the most was hearing that he had healed people.
What I wouldn’t give by that point to be healed…if only he would come my way…and then one day…it happened. I was near town, having visited yet another physician who could neither tell me what caused my sickness, nor do anything to heal it…and I crept along slowly, my body in its weakened state, crowds of people started to pass me by. As usual, I cried out Unclean…unclean…but most of the people just ignored me and walked around me.
But as more and more people passed me by I heard his name…Jesus…Jesus of Nazareth was coming…and not only that, they told me he was on his way to heal the child of some important man in town…He was coming…and he was healing…perhaps this was the answer that I had waited so long for…perhaps God was finally answering my prayers.
I waited by the road…watching…straining my eyes to see this man…this man that could heal me…and I believed…something within me whispered that this was not only a holy man…this was the Messiah…and he had the power to end my suffering…I believed that small voice with every part of me…I believed it so much that I wouldn’t even need to ask him…he wouldn’t even need to touch me…I believed that all I would need to do was touch the hem of his cloak, and the power of God…the power to heal that I had prayed for day after day would come upon me and heal me.
Soon the crowd grew even bigger…and as they pressed past me…I caught a glimpse of him…I saw Jesus…no one had to tell me who he was, for the power of God shone through him…I knew that this was my one chance…this was the answer to my prayers…and so I risked everything…I ducked my head and pushed through the crowd…not caring who I touched or who I was making unclean…I didn’t say a word, but kept pushing…inching nearer and nearer to Jesus until finally I was close enough.
I reached out my fingers…and lightly brushed the edge of his cloak as he walked past me…and the instant I touched him…I felt my body heal…I felt whole again…the weakness left my body and I was able to slip away…back into the crowd…it had worked…God had answered my prayer.
But that’s when everything stopped…because Jesus had stopped. He was looking around the crowd…studying face after face…and I knew that he had felt me touch him.  His followers seemed confused and asked him why he had stopped. I turned and saw his face as he asked the question. Who touched me?
One of his followers laughed and said “Master, the crowds surround you and press in on you.” But Jesus just looked at him and said “Someone touched me, for I felt the power go out of me.” Jesus continued to look at every person…individual after individual. He didn’t ask them anything, but merely looked in their faces, and would shake his head…I could tell…he knew they were not the one simply by looking at them.
And now I was afraid…for I had been healed…and though I was kept outside the town, the people still knew me…and as they watched Jesus, they would recognize me when he looked at me…I was trapped…I couldn’t hide from him…because it had happened…he had healed me…and so once again…I summoned my courage, and pressed through the crowd…falling on my knees before him…I cried out “Master…I am the one…I touched you…for I have suffered for years and knew that God would grant me healing if I could only touch you…and it happened…please have mercy on me…and forgive me.”
In that moment, as I looked up at him…I saw love on his face, and joy…why would he be joyful…I had not asked permission…I had been too bold…but that is not what I saw…he did not condemn me…for he recognized the need in my life for his healing power…and he recognized the faith that I had in seeking the healing that only God could provide.
And so, rather than condemn me…he simply said “Daughter, your faith has made you well…go in peace.”  And from that moment on, my life has been changed…No longer must I stay on the fringes…no longer must I announce my condition to keep people away…once again…for the first time in years, I was acceptable again…and it is all through the power of Jesus Christ…
I needed his power…and his power alone…and God gave me the courage to seek it…for when I touched the cloak of Jesus, his saving grace touched me as well…healing not only my body, but also my soul…and he offers this same saving grace to you…you need only believe that he has the power to change you…to change your circumstances…and he will not deny you, he will accept you…just as he accepted me.

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