Confirmation Questions 3-9-14

Last Sunday I did not preach as Underwood Lutheran hosted Western Iowa Synod Bishop Rodger Prois. This sermon was not recorded, which is why I have not posted the latest sermon. It will return again after this coming Sunday. However, the sermon was based on Matthew 4:1-11, which is the story of Jesus’ temptation by Satan.  As usual, an important question was raised in the sermon notes by the Confirmation Students, and I’ll attempt to address it here.

-What can’t one person be obedient?
Great question, and one that I believe also stems from the additional scripture passages that highlighted the story of original sin by Adam and Eve. In the sermon, Bishop Prois discussed how the original sin was not so much about eating the forbidden fruit, but more importantly that it was being disobedient to the command of God. In the garden, Adam and Eve had one command…”don’t eat from this tree.” Now I could go on and on about theories as to why they chose to disobey God. But in the end I believe that it really comes down to a combination of two things. First, Satan is really good at his job. The deceit and lies that Satan spins to trap us do their job well. Secondly, for whatever reason (and I don’t claim to know what it is) our nature is to focus on ourselves rather than to love God and love our neighbor. We are just selfish…its in our flawed human nature.  Adam and Eve were tempted to become “like God” in the knowledge of good and evil. This was a lie that Satan told them, and they wanted it.  Likewise, it is in the nature of all of us to be self centered…to place ourselves above others and even more so above God. We may not intend to do so, but yet we still do.  So, long story short, why can’t we be obedient? Because our selfish nature is stronger than our own ability to obey God. But praise the Lord, because Jesus has overcome the condemnation that our sinful nature warrants.

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