Confirmation Questions 2-16-14

The sermon from last Sunday was taken from Matthew 5:21-37. You can find the sermon here.

The confirmation students posed a great question based on the sermon that I will attempt to answer here.

-Why does Jesus say that you should cut off your hand if it causes you to sin?
This is an excellent question. I believe that Jesus is simply making a very strong statement here. His purpose is to stress the dire nature of sin and its affect on us. The wages of sin is death and the judgment is hell, separation from God. Jesus is saying that if your hand is the cause of sin, then remove it, therefore removing the sin from you. But Jesus also knows that we cannot actually do this. We cannot remove sin from our lives. If we could, there would be no reason for Jesus to have come to earth and for his sacrifice. We may be capable of individual actions that are considered good works, but no one is capable of avoiding sin. It runs too deeply in our nature. This is why God had to intervene through Christ.

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