Confirmation Questions 2-9-14

Last Sunday’s sermon was based on Matthew 5:13-20 and focused on Jesus declaration that “You are” the light of the world. You can find that sermon here.

A question came out of the confirmation student’s sermon notes that I’ll attempt to answer here.

-Why does God continually forgive us even through we mess up so much?
Great question. The simple fact that, through Jesus Christ, God does continue to forgive us is evidence of the incredible depth of the grace of God. Because Jesus has experienced life and all the temptations that come along with it, his sacrifice on the cross was sufficient to overcome all sin for all time. Because of this, God continues to forgive sins.  If there is a simple answer, that would be it. Now on the other hand, I’m going to get a little bit more “heady.”  Luther called us (individual members of humanity) simultaneous saint and sinner. This means that, at the very same time and all of the time, we are completely forgiven of all sin within our life because of Christ and yet we are still completely sinful because of our human nature. The important thing to recognize here is that through Christ we are forgiven. That’s a done deal for us, not by anything we have achieved but only by the grace of God. Yet at the same time, we still feel the effect of sin in our life. Sin is still present, but through Christ we are not subject to the judgment that our sin deserves.  But it is because of this dual nature (sinner and saint) that we can see the effects of sin in the world. We know that the world is not perfect, and neither are we. But the ability to recognize this, and to acknowledge it is exactly what makes us turn to Christ, declaring each and every day, that we are incapable of doing it on our own.

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