Confirmation Questions 1-26-14

Last Sunday’s sermon was based on Matthew 4:12-23. You can find the sermon here.

An excellent question came from the confirmation students in their sermon notes. I’ll try to address it as best I can here.

-Why did the disciples just follow Jesus?
This is a great question, and one that is difficult to answer. We don’t know what it was about Jesus that compelled the men to drop everything to follow him just because told them to “follow me.” But whatever it was, this was not a fluke. We see the same thing in the calling of the disciple Matthew as well (Matthew chapter 9). Jesus walks up, says “follow me,” and Matthew does exactly that.  So there is something about Jesus that brings people to him, but we don’t know what that quality is. John’s gospel gives us a little bit of insight in that the first disciples were directed towards Jesus by John the Baptist. Once they encountered him, they in turn invited others to come and meet him as well, but that’s a different account than what we see here in Matthew’s gospel.

So, in the end, great question. I wish I had a better answer for you, but unfortunately we just don’t know.

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