Confirmation Questions 11-3-13

Last Sunday I preached on Luke 6:20-31, which is Luke’s account of the Beatitudes. You can find that sermon here.

One question came up from the sermon notes submitted by the confirmation students. I’ll try to address it here.

-Why is it that people who are full will be hungry when those who are hungry will be full?
Great question…and really gets to the heart of this particular passage. Jesus makes 4 different comparisons. First he says “blessed are you [who have it rough], for [it will get better] but woe to you [who have it good now] because [it will get worse].” As I read this passage over and over again, it really seemed to be pointing towards what an individual is putting their hope in. Jesus speaks to those who are suffering now, due to hunger or lack of resources to let them know that if they trust in the promises of God, there will be something more for them following this life. Eternal life in heaven. But on the flip side, when Jesus addresses those that have much, I believe he is saying that we are not to place our trust in those resources…because they can fail us in this life, and they won’t earn our salvation.  This whole passage seems to be saying “be careful what you place your hope in” because things of this world will fail you.

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