Love From and For Kevin Smith

First and foremost, let me apologize to any readers that might still be out there. It has been 6 months since I posted. Obviously the daily lectionary reflection has gone out the window.

But that’s neither here nor there.

Perhaps you’ve heard the name Kevin Smith. Perhaps you haven’t.

Kevin Smith is, first and foremost (in my humble opinion) a movie maker. But he’s also a writer, blogger, podcaster, etc etc etc.  Yet one more thing that he is, is a Twitter-junkie (find him at @ThatKevinSmith on Twitter). Kevin got his start in the movie business by making his first film completely independently…an interesting little black and white film called Clerks where two convenience store clerks basically sit around complaining about their existence all day.

His career has grown from there.

Self professed, Smith is going out of the movie business but now has his fingers into many different business ventures in the Entertainment industry. A big one is podcasting…see his stuff, or moreso hear it at Smodcast. There are many different podcasts that you can check out. Some are current, some aren’t. While I have a couple of my favorites to listen to regularly, I’m also checking out some of the other content as well. Be warned, Kevin and his cohorts don’t have much a filter. Language and content can get pretty “adult” at times.

That being said, I just listened to a new one for the first time. It’s called Film School Fridays…see it here. Specifically, I listened to episode 4 from the Los Angeles Film school. Kevin sits down with 4 film school students for a bit of Q&A as well as reminiscing of his early days.

There was one brief section in this podcast that I really appreciated. Kevin talked about engaging with fans…or what he calls the audience and how important it is to him. I won’t go into detail, but what he said really resonated with me. He talked about how much of a privilege it is to have the audience talk back. As a pastor, I can relate. I always appreciate when my sermons spark conversation.

That being said, this was significant for me for another reason. Kevin talked about Twitter and how active he is, engaging with people. In the last week, he did so with me. I tweeted him asking whether or not another one of his podcasts would ever feature a dramatic reading of the 3rd issue of his Batman Comicbook line (3rd of 3, as they’ve already featured the first 2). After about 6 hours I got a notification that Kevin had marked my tweet as a favorite. He acknowledged what I had said. Now the geek in me jumped for joy, but in retrospect, having heard him talk about going back and trying to read everything that comes his way…that meant a lot…that he cares enough to engage with people…even on this minute level.

Think what you will of him and his work. I appreciate his candor and honesty…and I appreciate his conviction to engage with the people that put food on his table.

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