Family Camp

Every year since 2007, my family and I have road tripped out to southern Colorado for a week of family camp at Rainbow Trail Lutheran Bible Camp. It is always a wonderful experience and for the second time some very good friends of ours from back in Iowa came along with us.

We took off last Friday morning and drove back to Iowa, and then left Saturday morning heading south west…finally arriving at camp late Sunday afternoon (and about 1100 miles later).

The week was wonderful, as per normal. So much happened that I can’t begin to cover it all, but there were some highlights.

-My kids being old and bold enough to just head off to the kids activities without drama…very nice for mom and dad.
-The music really touched me this year. The various songs (as well as many of the family stories) resonated with much of what I’ve gone through in the past year with the move and the loss of my grandma. It was really wonderful, but definately emotional at different times.
-Luther professor Matt Skinner was on hand as the adult Bible study leader, which I thought was very cool.

Finally, the main highlight that really stood out to me this time around occurred Thursday morning. Included in the family of friends that came along is my Godson. He was standing close to me when we had early morning communion. We were each serving each other in turn around the circle. Now my son takes communion so I was serving him and then my Godson, who is 4, stepped over to me with his hand out.

I asked myself the question, how can you deny someone that is seeking the body and blood of Christ? In short, I don’t think you can. So I gave my Godson communion. It was his first communion and it meant a ton to me to be the one to give it to him.

One of those cool times about being a pastor.

Now that the trip is over, though admittedly there are still mountains of laundry to do…I’m really looking towards starting internship in a couple more weeks. 2 weeks from today as a matter of fact.

It’s getting real folks.

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