Another Day. Another list of quandries

I sit here today with my wife and daughter konked out for a much needed (on both parts) nap, my son playing Mario Kart on the Wii, and random things on my mind.

As I look at the Inside Luther page today, I notice a link about buying text books. That strikes me as weird. For the first semester in 3 years, I’m not buying books. I might be prepping lessons for confirmation at a church that I haven’t even started working for yet, but no classes. Thus no books.

Hmm…maybe I’ll take advantage of the money I’m saving on text books and purchace something besides free ebooks on my Kindle for a change.

This marks yet another odd feeling as I prepare for internship this year. I’ve gotten so used to the ins and outs of seminary education in the DL program and now being on campus that it seems very strange to not already be gearing myself up for starting another year.

Now granted, I wouldn’t quite be to the point of ramping myself up just yet. We leave for our yearly trip to Colorado this weekend to recharge our batteries at family camp (though admittedly after 1000 miles home in the car, those batteries are a little low by the time we pull into the driveway at home). The week of vacation has been my cutoff point ever since I started seminary. Once I got past vacation…it was pretty much go time.

But not this year. This year I’ll be ramping up to start working full time in ministry. I’m excited about that, but its a weird feeling.

And speaking of starting full time ministry…that brings up my second point.

There are times when I feel pretty compentent about becoming a pastor. But at the same time there are those times when I fell so ill equiped that it isn’t even funny.

One of the employees from my synod office back home just got married. And I mean “just.” As in a couple weeks ago. Then a couple days ago, her middle aged husband had a heart attack and died.

How do you, as a pastor, even begin to offer comfort at a time like that? Last spring I asked the same question when my grandma died. How do you even start?

I wish I knew the answer to that question.

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