Starting to Feel Real

So today I had the final meeting with my internship supervisor regarding the plan for confirmation for the upcoming year.

No big surprise, I’ll be teaching it…but that’s okay. Teaching confirmation is actually something that I have come to enjoy…shh, don’t tell my old pastor…he drug me into teaching kicking ans screaming 3 years ago…if he finds out how much I enjoy it he’ll say “I told you so.”

But getting back on track…the point of today’s meeting was simply to go over a few lessons that I prepped from the curriculum that we were thinking about using. That portion of the meeting was actually pretty short. We went over the lessons and decided that they should work okay. He asked me if I was comfortable with the material…which was actually cool. It would appear that he trusts my judgment…and that’s a plus.

After that part of the meeting was over, he asked if I wanted to see my office. The last time I saw it, a month or so back, they were in the process of wiring everything up, so it was very much a work in progress.

Now its all done. I have a computer and a phone…as well as a great big white board that will serve as both a place to take notes (something I do a lot) as well as a place to doodle if I get bored. BONUS!!!

While we were sitting there, I received my first email. It was from the office manager who was sitting in her office.

The cool part of it was to see my name at the beginning of the email address. Its certainly not my first new email address, but it gave me a little jolt to see it on a church address.

I don’t start for about a month yet, but its starting to feel real.

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