Something Aggrivating

For all you potential students out there…this one’s for you.

For all you current students who get aggravated at the same thing I’m about to talk about…this one’s for you too.

One requirement for Luther students, and I think for all other ELCA seminarians as well, is health insurance. You have to have it you are a full time student. The seminary offers a plan, or actually, offers a way into a plan that seems to be universal throughout the seminary’s, but from what I’ve seen of details its pretty expensive for coverage that really isn’t that great.

But if you don’t have your own insurance, you have to get it. It’s automatic and will auto enroll…or so I’m told.

You see, I’ve never actually gotten it. Prior to moving to the cities, I was covered under my wife’s plan at our old church back in Iowa. Coverage was excellent. So I didn’t need to worry about getting the seminary insurance…well that and I was also part time which throws another kink in the works too, but I won’t really go into that.

While my insurance situation has changed now, I still have coverage. We pay for it ourselves, which admittedly stinks, but I have it. It’s better coverage and it’s cheaper than the plan offered automatically.

Here’s the annoying part. If you have your own coverage and want to waive the seminary plan, you have to log into a website and fill out a questionnaire. Based on your answers, the website can deny the waiver.

I’ve filled this thing out 4 times since starting seminary back in 2008. It’s been denied all 4 times for one reason or another. Once it was because my coverage was inadequate out of the country. I wasn’t going out of the country. In fact I’ve only been out of the country twice in my lifetime, and neither time was during seminary. This time it was denied because my current plan doesn’t have chemical dependency coverage. I’m not too concerned about chemical dependency…I think I’m doing okay there.

So, now I have to start jumping through hoops to make sure that I don’t end up automatically enrolled and have a nice $3000+ fee show up on my seminary account this fall.

Step 1…email the help line listed on the website. I actually did that last night. Waiting to hear back from them today.

Hopefully there isn’t a step 2, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was.

So all you hopeful students out there…be aware…health insurance for seminarians, while a very good thing…is actually a big pain in the summer time before you even begin classes.

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