What Do I Call Myself Now?

Okay, summer break has been going on for awhile now…kinda anyway.

Spring semester was over what, a little over a month ago. I wrapped up summer classroom work (but still not follow up work…BLAST) last week.

The kids have been out of school for a couple weeks now.

Okay, so all that stuff makes it summer right? Yes. I agree.

However, with everything that’s been going on, today was the first day when I officially “stayed home” with both kids. I have to say, it went pretty well (if I do say so myself). We did have a little snaffu first thing this morning, but after a brief lecture about learning how to coexist coupled with a 5 minute sentence of sitting on chairs right next to each other holding hands, we didn’t have any more bickering.

Serious kudo’s to whoever it was that gave me that idea. I don’t remember who you are but you exude sheer awesomeness. You have my gratitude.

But anyways…long story short. The summer of fun has begun (hey, I’m a poet…nice).

I’m wondering what to call my current situation…help me out here.

Mr. Mom

Daddy Day Care

Stay at Home Dad

Trophy Husband (okay admittedly that one’s questionable, I’ll admit it)

Personally I kinda like this one:

Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynomite Wolf Squadron (but I have to give credit to Donkey in Shrek 3 for that one).

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