Sometimes you just need to vent

Let me begin by saying how much I have enjoyed and grown through my seminary journey. I have learned much, both in terms of academics as well as important life lessons. I have been stretched and molded in many ways over the past 3 years.

One way that this stretching occurs has been through classes that have REALLY challanged me. I actually rewrote that sentence…originally it said “through classes that I haven’t enjoyed.” But that’s not exactly the right sentiment.

There have been classes that have just been…plain and simple…challanging to wade through. To use a metaphor, some of them feel like wading waist deep upstream against a very strong current. I’ve always made the destination, but its been a lot of work.

I’ve got one this summer that qualifies.

Now I’m not trying to complain about this class. I’ve actually really appriciated it but with the way that timing fell for me personally over the past few weeks, I’m really struggling to wrap up the work for this class.

I’ve been having a hard time getting my brain back into the mindset of this particular class, having stepped away from the work for a couple weeks while doing classroom time for my other two classes.

Added into the mix is the new reality of having both kids home with me. I’ve been in the mode of slamming through homework during the day when I’m home over the course of the spring semester and I just can’t do that with a 7 and 4 year old. Doesn’t work so I’m back into the “evening homework” mode again.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been making progress over the course of the past few days and that’s a good thing but as I’m looking towards the final project I’m really struggling.

That being said, I just emailed the prof to go over a potential idea. So that might offer some much needed direction for me.

That or maybe I just need to take a breather for a night to clear my head. Deadliest Catch is on tonight…maybe that’s just the distraction that I need.

One response to this post.

  1. Boy, do I get the need to vent! I suspect that will be a challenge for all of us as we continue in ministry. You are so blessed to have Emily to share with; I try not to be envious of those of you in healthy, happy relationships. But it’s important to have others in our profession with whom we can share the highs and lows of our time in ministry. I think that is what we have in our cohort–a community of people who care about each other both as people and as potential pastors (and there I go, getting all alliterative again!)

    Anyway, I just want to affirm your decision here. I’m glad you felt able to put your family before your classwork. It was clearly a difficult decision, but you made it and it sounds as though making the decision has brought you some peace. May you now set it behind you and focus on being the best intern, the best dad, and the best husband you can be. And don’t forget your cohort community–we’ll still claim you even though you’ve defected!:-)


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