I’m done posting assignments for Media class. In many ways I’m glad of that…but assignments aren’t finished yet.

Now I’m in the process of commenting on classmates blogs.

Now ordinarily I’ve got no trouble posting comments. Those that know me well know that I’ve got the gift of gab and I can bring that into postings pretty easily. But this is tough.

I’m working on comments tonight and everything I post feels forced. Maybe in a way it is. I’ve got a theory for what’s going on though.

On one hand I do have to do it and perhaps the “assignment” aspect of the comments is part of the problem. A second aspect is the time that has gone by. We sat in class 2 weeks ago. I was reading the books anywhere from 3-5 weeks ago. Since then I’ve sat through 2 weeks of intensive classwork. Anyone that’s done that knows that it knocks any previous thoughts right out of your head…or at least I’d like to think so in my case.


Okay…aggravation out there…gone from my brain onto the page…at least let’s hope so.

Back to it.

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  1. I think you’re not alone in this! I’d love any suggestions you have for a different way of creating some equitable form of accountability. That is, I want to encourage students to read each other’s writing, and to do so tangibly. I want that writing to be public — the whole point of blogging, as opposed to using MyLutherNet — and I am looking for ways for students to reflect on the process of this kind of public engagement. I’m wide open for suggestions for the next time!


  2. Mary,
    I don’t think that the assignment of commenting on classmates blogs is a bad one at all. In fact I think its great as a way of getting them used to the way that conversation can occur in blog form. I think my main problem is the time disconnect. The long deadline is very helpful, but with taking a break for two weeks to do the classwork of my other intensive classes, it created too much of a mental break for me. I think it would have been easier had I done this class at the tail end of the two week intensive instead of at the beginning. Of course, that situation is going to be different for every student taking it as everyone is taking different classes at different times.


  3. Scott, I can see a real benefit to doing the class at the end of the cycle because it allows the mind to continue to flow in the thought process for using Social Media. However, like anything there are downfalls to it, including the fact not everyone finishes at the same time and there are still things which we are completing/doing for other classes which create a lag time as well.

    I like the break because it has given me a longer time to think about using various Social Media outlets and considering positives and negatives of each one. If I had immediately gone into my project, I’m not sure I would have really thought as much about this aspect, but would have gone head long into creating something which might or might not work in the long run. I still have that chance, but at least I’ve put more thought into it this way.


  4. Scott, I just got back from intensives on July 2nd and I haven’t started my work yet. Classroom work consumed all of my energy so I am just now starting the work on our Media class. So I feel your pain. I will not ever take 4 courses in three weeks again.
    However, saying that it is painful is not quite true. I happened upon an outstanding idea in the bookstore last Thursday, long after the class ended. I looked on Google to see if anyone else had the same idea that I could build on rather than recreating the wheel. I found a Lutheran pastor out west who had used C.S Lewis in his children’s department. I emailed him and yes, he would help me because he had interned at the same church that I am doing my contextual work back in 1988. That is another avenue worth exploring as a facebook friend. So, I have a connection that I may not have had if I started on my Media project right away. Or, so I tell myself.


  5. Okay Scott, I have to agree with your grrr. Although I’ve been reading the various postings via RSS, I’ve either been really pressed for time or not particular stimulated to formulate a response, so it feels like check off a to do list. Some how I missed read the deadline, so here I am running down the list writing posts. Let me take this opportunity to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on the Lutherblog site. Its’ been helpful to see how much of a shared experience this journey has been. Thanks.


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